Invitation from UKTI and British Embassy marks beginning of Garic’s export plans

Garic’s market leading portable cabins, patented interceptor drip trays and wheel wash systems will soon be just a few of the company’s products available throughout Europe as plans to forge partnerships with foreign counterparts continue apace.

Having recently secured partnering agreements with two companies in the Republic of Ireland; MW Hire Group in County Kilkenny and PE Services in County Cavan, and MB Dust Control in Rotterdam, Holland, the company was invited to meet the Rt Hon Lord Maude, Minister of Trade and Investment during his two day visit to Ireland.

The event was organised by UKTI and the British Embassy to forge better understanding between businesses and the UKTI. Garic was able to provide the Minister with an insight into the real challenges companies face when exporting out of the UK and make recommendations about how the UK Government could provide additional support to firms in order for them to expand their export activity even further.

Steve Booth, Garic head of sales, said: “The UKTI has been instrumental in helping us to identify like-minded companies in other countries with whom we can build partnering agreements. This essentially means that products such as our world patented interceptor drip trays are now immediately available to a market which previously had little or no choice on these types of products.

“There’s a real synergy between Garic and its new partners and the feedback so far from their customers signals really exciting times ahead. We have just been asked to design a bespoke wheel wash system and, given our experience in this area, we look poised to set the standard for all wheel wash systems throughout Europe.”