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Rail Live 2024

Rail Live 2024

We had a fantastic week showcasing a selection of our sustainable site solutions at Rail Live 2024.
The new Armadillo 18 Eco and Eco Cabin+ 24 welfare units received excellent feedback for their quality and sustainability features, while our energy solutions impressed with their efficiency and innovative design. 

Find out more about our featured products below.


Featured Products

Armadillo 18 Eco+
Two private WC with an external door
Rainwater harvesting systems allows you to conserve water
Microgrid technology powers this unit
Eco Cabin+ 24
Microgrid technology primarily powers this unit with solar energy
2X WC to help keep you compliant.
Telematics helps you record usage data for auditing purposes.
Solar Energy Store 20
Telematics lets you easily track all key values for auditing purposes.
GPS monitors location for security.
Solar Panels charge the built-in battery to maximise clean energy capture.
Solar Power Frame
Up to 3.2kW of energy is generated from each Solar Power Frame.
24x9 Unit compatible with our branded units or third-parties.
Floor mounted giving you the option of increasing solar capture without a roof.

Sustainable Site Solutions

Our sustainable solutions offer the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective combination of expertise, products, services, and technology throughout your project’s lifecycle. From protecting your workforce’s welfare to managing your site’s energy needs and reducing environmental impact, we’re dedicated to helping you deliver successful projects every time.


Protect your people’s on-site health, safety and wellbeing with site welfare that goes beyond the typical welfare unit.


Reduce your operating costs through expertly managed energy solutions that go beyond batteries and generators.


Deliver on your sustainability promises through innovation that goes beyond box ticking to deliver real change.

Looking for something more? Contact our team of experts for site solutions tailored to your project. 

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Garic’s intelligent online site planning tool helps you deliver successful projects by quickly and reliably planning all of the equipment your site will need, from welfare units and wheel washers, to power generators and lighting. We’ll even advise on maintenance and specify fuel saving and eco-friendly options to help you hit your sustainability targets.