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Skanska chooses Garic for bespoke brief at Hinkley Point C

As part of the Somerset Infrastructure Alliance that includes RK Bell Ltd and Forest Traffic Services, Skanska, has appointed Garic to supply welfare facilities to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

The contract, which includes the bespoke design and manufacture of 22 boot wash shelters and eight site shelters, is providing Garic with a demanding manufacturing and delivery schedule. A piece of equipment will be at every stage of production while the project is being delivered and according to Garic’s strategic partnership manager, this is just the type of challenge the team thrives on.

“When Skanska came to us for an exacting boot wash solution we knew it would require a bespoke design utilising additional products and technology,” explained Jake Waterman. “The boot washers needed to be covered, have PIR sensor LED lighting and a bunded floor..”

Garic’s CAD team worked closely with the client to develop a design which takes the essence of a site shelter, Garic’s patented interceptor drip tray, a boot wash and the latest in solar technology to create a new totally eco product.

“The end result is quite simple in design,” continued Jake, “but that’s the beauty of it. The tray grids housed in the bunded floor are removable for easy cleaning and the solar panels also energise a small back-up battery pack.

“Along with the site shelters, the boot wash units are being sprayed to a specific Ral code to match Skanska’s corporate blue colour. It’s good to watch a batch of them leave on the transporters for Somerset knowing they’re going to play an important part in the safety of employees at Hinkley Point C for the next 10 years.”

Upon delivery, the welfare shelters will be installed alongside the site’s modular buildings to help Skanska meet and exceed the latest in legal requirements for workplace welfare facilities.

Another part of Garic’s remit to assist with this, is supplying spill control kits and, just as importantly, the delivery of a programme of Tool Box Talks. This has included working with the site’s fire and rescue teams to supply a bespoke spill control trailer and assisting the Control Captain with live demonstrations.

Nicole Turley, Skanska’s environmental advisor for the Somerset Infrastructure Alliance said: “Garic has provided us with high-quality spill response equipment on this project. In addition, their training is an excellent opportunity to assess and discuss the site’s spill risk and address any issues which could arise with practical exercise.”


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