The big reveal in…Corby!

The DIY SOS team have just completed their latest build in Corby for the Hutchinson family whose house was in desperate need of some TLC.

16 year old Jordan Hutchison, has cerebral palsy and epilepsy but incredibly Jordan has won many awards over the years for his fundraising, one of which was a Courage Award at a Northamptonshire Achievement Award’s after raising £30,000 for two sensory rooms in a local school for other disabled children. He’s a growing boy with a very strong mind, he just wants to develop like any other boy his age but just doesn’t have the space or facilities in which to do so. Enter the DIY SOS team of volunteers!

Garic donated some water bowers to the project, which were kept fully serviced throughout the duration of the intensive ten-day build. The bowsers kept the catering facilities up and running feeding a huge team of volunteers.

Mark Wareham, Garic Strategic Account Manager, went to the big relevel which took place last week; “It is such an honour to be able to help on projects like this, everyone pulling together for a great cause. It was great seeing Jordan and his family see the house for the first time, allowing them to get back to normality and most importantly for Jordan to gain his independence back. And, of course, I got to meet Nick Knowles himself!”

The episode will air next year.

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