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Think Sustainable. Think Solar With Garic

Think Sustainable. Think Solar With Garic

In an era where sustainability has become a pressing global concern, innovative solutions are constantly emerging to address environmental challenges. Garic’s extensive range of eco-friendly welfare units, vans, toilets, and showers help reduce the industry’s impact on the environment.

With a prominent focus on sustainable, solar power, this new group of products provides an additional solution to reducing emissions and costs on site. From space-saving solar power, to a versatile unit, these new four products have been developed with our customers’ site needs in mind.

Harnessing the power of the sun

Solar power plays an important role when it comes to sustainability in relation to welfare vans and units. By harnessing the energy of the sun, these units can operate independently from traditional energy sources, reducing their reliance on non-renewable fuels and minimising carbon emissions.

Solar panels installed on the roof of our vans or units absorb sunlight and convert it into usable electricity, powering the appliances and facilities. Depending on the weather or time of year, some units could run only on solar energy; reducing emissions and fuel costs.

What are the advantages of solar-powered welfare vans and units?

The main advantage of opting for solar-powered welfare facilities is the environmental benefits it brings. By utilising solar power, these units:

  • Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce reliance on diesel
  • Reduce noise pollution

The transition to renewable energy sources helps reduce your carbon footprint and promotes a cleaner, healthier environment. Our towable Armadillo XL+ Eco 4.0 reduces emissions by up to 80% and is the perfect sustainable mobile welfare option for up to 10 people.

New for 2023, the Solar Power Frame can turn any 24×9 cabin with ISO fixers into a solar harnessing unit. Each Solar Power Frame can provide up to 3.2 kW of power that can be used to power welfare units, or be stored in our new Battery Store.

Even if you have a full set of welfare units but are still looking to utilise the power of solar energy, the Solar Energy Store has been developed to provide 24/7 off-grid power supply. Solar panels can provide up to 3 cabins, with excess power being stored in the built-in batteries. A hybrid diesel backup generator is on hand to ensure you’re never without power.

Flexibility and Mobility

This is always an advantage when it comes to solar-powered welfare facilities. These units can be easily transported to different locations, providing eco-conscious welfare facilities on the go, ensuring that sustainability and welfare go hand in hand, regardless of the location. And with our Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0 offering, mobility is even easier!

Find out more about our Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0 here.

Eco-Friendly Features

Our commitment to sustainability goes way beyond solar power, incorporating a range of eco-friendly features in our vans and units where possible. These include energy-efficient appliances, eco-flush WCs, and sustainable materials for construction – Some of our eco offerings such as our first circular-economy product: The Combi Cabin Eco 1.5 are developed from a refurbished, older cabin! LED lighting and smart energy management systems further optimise energy consumption, ensuring minimal environmental impact with CO2 and fuel reductions of up to 90%.

Promoting a Greener Workforce

The incorporation of eco-friendly welfare vans and units can have a huge impact on businesses and organisations. Employers who prioritise sustainability and employee welfare gain a competitive edge by attracting environmentally conscious individuals who seek to align their values with their work. Our eco units not only provide comfort and amenities but also serve as a visible testament to an organisation’s commitment to sustainability by reducing their scope 1 and 3 emissions.

A Sustainable Solution

Our eco-friendly welfare vans and units are designed to provide essential amenities and welfare facilities to workers on construction sites and in remote locations. These units are equipped with facilities such as toilets, kitchens, rest areas, and showers, ensuring the well-being of workers. By adopting eco-friendly practices into our offerings, our mobile welfare units aim to minimise the environmental footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Find our full range of eco-friendly welfare facilities here.

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