Garic’s unpowered drive through bath is an inexpensive yet very efficient vehicle wash system. It is ideal for sites that have moderate mud and dirt and is quick and easy to install.

Total area required excluding entry and exit of wash.
Min Hire Period
23.5 x 3.6m / 77 X 12 Ft with ramps 4 Week
10.7 x 3.6m / 35 X 12 Ft without ramps 4 Week

Trucks, dumpers and lorries are cleaned as they drive over a series of rumble strips which shake off the heaviest earth. They are then washed as the wheels, chassis and undersides pass through a water lagoon to provide a quick, safe and effective cleaning system. If required, extra road rumble strips are available.

Like our enviro wheel washer, the drive through bath can be elevated and placed directly onto a surfaced area with ramps or excavated into the ground making it suitable for a whole host of site needs.

It doesn’t require an operative and is very easy to maintain.

For help on which product is the best wheel washing solution for you, call our friendly team on 03300 948060.