Garic’s dust suppression bowsers are ideal for sites with high levels of dust and are a
must for anyone in the demolition and quarrying industries.

Options Min Hire Period
2273 Ltrs / 500 gal1 Week
4546 Ltrs / 1000 gal1 Week
9092 Ltrs / 2000 gal1 Week

With dust levels presenting such a huge health and safety issue, it is crucial that you can source the right dirt and dust suppression system for the job at hand.

Our powerful dust suppression bowsers are available in 3 sizes – 500, 1,000 and 2,000 gallon – and include additional options such as fan tail and irrigation spraying and sprinkler systems.

For further information on how to tackle dust safely and effectively, call our dedicated team on 0844 417 9780.