Heavy Duty Plant Washbays
In recent years there has been an increased need to consider environmental issues and broaden awareness and responsibility in anything that your site may affect, including the prevention of muddy water, silts and oils from entering public drains, sewers and watercourses. This can have an adverse effect on wildlife and the sewer networks; heavy penalties are issued to warn and prevent this from occurring.

The heavy duty plant wash bay by Garic is designed as a containment area for the cleansing of up to 50 tonne wheeled and tracked machines.

The unit works by allowing mud and debris to be pressure cleaned from these units, falling down into the sump of the wash bay. Any debris is settled and the remaining water is then gravity drained or pumped via the unit’s integral oil interceptor to a public sewer, or if preferred, automatically pumped to an optional settlement tank for further stages of settlement and filtration. From here the water can either be disposed of or re-circulated to a pressure wash, thus further reducing your carbon footprint, as water is reused many times. There are several configurations available for our wash bay, for different needs.

You can choose from the galvanised angle iron or galvanised flat bar drive on sections and ramps, accompanied by ambideck walkways.

We also understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so if you have a special design requirement, please get in touch. Our R&D team are here to provide a solution that works best for your site.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Plant Hire – keeping the dirt in one place at plant yards & depot when cleaning as well as cleaning off-hired machines prior to servicing.

  • Plant Service Centres – cleaning machines before entering the workshop.

  • On-Site – to clean machines before off hiring, preventing soiling charges.

  • Quarries – cleaning of machines prior to on site repairs.

  • General – degreasing and cleaning of tools, attachments and skips.

Product Code 980001
Dimensions 59.6 x 27 x 8.7ft
Load Capacity 50 Tonne