Within our new sustainable solutions, we have implemented a system called Victron technology.

Victron provides live data for our assets, from where they are in the country and what the weather is like, to power loads and the usage of the generator.

Its greatest use though is as an energy management system. Within our Eco welfare ranges, our battery / solar powered units utilise Victron technology to manage their power consumption, reducing the requirement of the backup generator and ultimately reducing carbon emissions.


All of the Victron systems we use are able to provide telemetry through a portal which gives live data for the power systems in the assets.

Live telemetry is provided so that we can see live running info, historical consumption data & review any faults on the assets – leading to a much reduced downtime of the asset.

This is just the start for us on our journey with telemetry and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our tech with a vision to reduce the carbon emissions of assets as efficiently as possible.


Examples of live data shown through the portal.

Victron provides live data for our assets.

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