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A Guide to Welfare Van Hire

A Guide to Welfare Van Hire

When working at temporary locations such as construction sites, ensuring that all workers have access to the necessary welfare facilities and home comforts is of critical importance. While providing essential welfare facilities and amenities at static sites is relatively straightforward, provisioning the same facilities at mobile sites could potentially be a little more complicated if you do not know all your options. 

This is where welfare vans come in, units that are specially designed to offer facilities and services similar to those found in a permanent welfare unit. Garic has a fleet of specially designed mobile welfare vans that are spacious, self-contained, and equipped with various amenities to cater to the needs of workers in remote locations.

But what exactly do you need to consider in 2023 if you are looking to hire welfare vans for mobile construction sites?

  • Your requirements
  • Determine availability
  • Maintenance
  • Ensure your workers understand how to use the van

Your requirements

Before deciding to hire a welfare van, it is essential that you carefully consider your exact needs. Factors such as the number of workers on site, the predicted length of the project and any specific amenities required need to be taken into account. 

The range of welfare vans available for hire from Garic includes a vast range of facilities and amenities, making them ideal for any site. Facilities include: 

  • Welfare Facilities for 7 Operatives
  • Canteen area with sink, instant hot water boiler, and microwave
  • Private W.C. with eco-flush toilet
  • Overhead storage
  • Chapter 8 livery, front and rear LED beacons
  • DSVA specification seat belts (Hybrid Welfare Van)
  • Drying room and storage area (Hybrid Welfare Van)
  • Low-volt LED strobes (Hybrid Welfare Van)
  • Automatic backup power available (Hybrid Welfare Van)
  • 200Kg of carbon savings per week (standard use)* (Hybrid Welfare Van)
  • Annualised circa 10 tons of CO2 savings (Hybrid Welfare Van)
  • Silent Welfare mode (Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0)
  • Solar panels harvest up to 600w, 40amp/hrs in ideal condition. (Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0)
  • Keyless Running System. When the ‘Run-lock’ button is pressed, the engine will remain on and allow for the keys to be removed from the ignition. (Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0)

Looking to find out more about our welfare van hire? Take a look at our premium Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0!

Determine availability

We highly recommend contacting us in advance to discuss your requirements. A quick chat and we can let you know whether we have available for your dates. 
This is especially important for large-scale projects or for projects being undertaken during busy periods. Contact us to discuss your needs.


At Garic, we offer waste removal, water, fuel, and consumable replenishment, all with one single service vehicle; leaving you less to worry about on-site. Whether you need a service weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even if you just need a service as and when, let us tailor a servicing package to you. We can create a bespoke servicing package that is adaptable and works for your site.

But what if you don’t want the full package, or if you have welfare units from other providers? Well, we are always more than happy to provide a single service, or tailor our services to suit your needs (and we still provide our 5-star service to the majority of units from other providers).
So when it comes to maintenance and servicing, don’t get bogged down in the details, let us take care of it for you. Find out more.

Ensure your workers understand how to use the van

Where possible, we strongly recommend that you give your workers a full rundown on the proper use and care of the welfare van you hire. This means providing them with instructions on maintaining cleanliness, following safety protocols, and reporting any maintenance issues promptly. Encourage responsible use to ensure the van remains in good condition.

Welfare van hire: The options

Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0

Thanks to the latest manufacturing processes, the Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0 brings modern comfort to the ultimate mobile welfare vehicle. Premium telematics comes as standard on this fleet, meaning you have access to crucial data such as real-time location and event tracking, fuel efficiency, driver behaviour insights, and much more.

Find out more. 

Hybrid Welfare Van

The hybrid welfare van incorporates hybrid technology improving welfare, the environment and safety on site. This mobile unit can run the welfare facilities solely from its solar panels meaning that no engine has to be running whilst stationary and the facilities can be used throughout the day.

Find out more.

Welfare Van

Ideal for a whole multitude of site environments by the very nature of its all-inclusive design which brings transport and site welfare facilities together in one solution.

Find out more.

If you would like to find out more about our units or discuss your requirements for welfare van hire, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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