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Industry Leading Environmental Solutions and Welfare Facilities

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re passionate about you, and your work sites. We know the difficulties that can be involved in ensuring that your site has the welfare facilities on-site to stay compliant with all relevant legislation. 

To ensure that you know what’s required, we’re going to run you through a short, welfare facilities checklist, and inform you of how we, at Garic, can keep you compliant. 

The Welfare Facilities Checklist

Ensuring that you have the right welfare facilities on-site can be a bit of a headache, regulations dictate what is required in which circumstances. On top of this, many sites have additional environmental and situational regulations which must be met, but more on that later!

Let’s start with what welfare facilities on-site are required, as standard, where reasonably possible. We’ve used the latest Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations, and devised this welfare facilities checklist, which states that sites must provide the following:

  • Toilets should be lit and ventilated
  • Hot water to wash hands with
  • Arrangements for cleaning the toilets
  • Fully flushable is recommended
  • Sufficient soap or washing agents, such as sanitiser
  • Supply of toilet paper
  • For female employees, a sanitary bin must be provided
  • Facilities should be cleaned regularly
  • A means for drying hands, either paper towels or a hot hand dryer
  • The basin should be large enough to wash hands and forearms if required
  • An area to change, dry, and store clothes
  • A rest area suitable to make hot drinks, eat food, and sit
  • Drinking water

You can read more about our welfare facilities checklist, and how to stay compliant here! 

Welfare Facilities – Environmental Considerations

What are environmental considerations on-site? This will depend on the area in which the site is, as the legislation from local authorities and environmental agencies will differ in certain areas. 

Factors such as the contamination of surface and groundwater as a result of contamination due to the discharge of sewage, oil, fuel and oil-based chemicals, must not only be considered but avoided. While you will often find that local councils require public accessways to be kept clear from mud and construction site debris at all times, making the need to keep your fleet clean of great importance. 

How can Garic Help?

Well, we have a broad range of site systems and welfare facilities available for purchase, our products are a culmination of many years of experience in delivering great value plant and welfare to organisations across the UK. You can browse all of our products for sale here! 

But many of our products are designed to help sites to meet the environmental legislation required in order for them to operate. 

For example, our industry-leading range of wheel washing solutions are the ideal method for ensuring that not only is your fleet kept clean, but also that the public accessways surrounding your site are also kept free from dirt and debris. With four fantastic options to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the right solution for your site! Browse our wheel washes here!

We also have a range of environmental solutions to help you manage the impact of your workplace, minimising any negative impact on its surroundings, or indeed your facilities.

Take our boot wash facilities as an example. The latest boot wash from Garic is inexpensive and easy to install. It helps to keep your sites clean, safe and in good condition by eradicating dirty footprints along with the problem of premature wear and tear on carpets and flooring. Built by ourselves here in the UK, you have the choice of either a 3 or 5 wash option, and we also offer bespoke construction, tailored to your specification if required. Find out more! Innovative Site Boot Wash Facilities

Looking to minimise the impact of your construction site on the surrounding area? We’ve got you covered here too! We’ve got a range of settlement tanks, waste tanks and drip trays that will keep groundwater and the surrounding area free from contamination! 

Our robust and durable settlement tanks are incredibly reliable and will maintain fully pumping capacity at all times and avoids blocked drains. The ideal way to prevent solid discharge from being released into the drainage system or water course. Find out more! Quality Construction Site Settlement Tanks  

Almost all sites will need temporary toilets, showers and canteen facilities, but you will also need a reliable wastewater storage solution. We can supply waste tanks to contain a variety of dirty and discarded liquids and these are available in three sizes – either 500, 1000 or 2000 gallon tanks. Find out more! Site Waste Tanks for Sewage & Dirty Water

Finally, our innovative interceptor drip tray is the only system available on the market that allows rainwater to pass through whilst securely retaining oil, fuel and oil-based chemicals. This simple yet highly effective design, which negates the need for filters or chemicals, gives you instant environmental protection by preventing costly fuel and oil leaks. Find out more! Interceptor Drip Tray for Environmental Protection 

If you have any questions regarding the equipment that is available for purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the Garic team today. 

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Garic’s intelligent online site planning tool helps you deliver successful projects by quickly and reliably planning all of the equipment your site will need, from welfare units and wheel washers, to power generators and lighting. We’ll even advise on maintenance and specify fuel saving and eco-friendly options to help you hit your sustainability targets.