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Stay compliant with the Armadillo XL+2

Choosing the right welfare unit for your site can be a bit of a headache, especially as regulations dictate what is required, based on who is working on site. This article summarises what the Construction, Design, and Management (CDM) regulation advises, and how our Armadillo range can help keep you compliant, with ease.

Generally, a standard level of requirements includes; toilet facilities, hot/cold water to wash hands, hot water to make drinks with, and an area to rest. Rather than having separate units, it could be cheaper to hire one unit which includes all the facilities as stated by current regulations.

What welfare facilities do I need?

The Construction Design and Management(CDM) states that sites must provide the following:


  • Toilets should be lit and ventilated
  • Hot water to wash hands with
  • Arrangements for cleaning the toilets
  • Fully flushable is recommended
  • Sufficient soap or washing agents, such as sanitiser
  • Supply of toilet paper
  • For female employees, a sanitary bin must be provided
  • Facilities should be cleaned regularly
  • A means for drying hands either paper towels or a hot hand dryer
  • The basin should be large enough to wash hands and forearms if required
  • An area to change, dry, and store clothes
  • A rest area suitable to make hot drinks, eat food, and sit
  • Drinking water

How many toilets do I need?

The CDM advises that the number of toilets depends on who is using them. The tables below provide guidance on how many toilets are required.

The table below shows the number of toilets for mixed use by male and females, or females only.

People at work on site # of toilets # of washbasins
1-5 1 1
6-25 2 2
26-50 3 3
51-75 4 4
76-100 5 5



The table below is the number of toilets required if only men are working on site.

# of men on site # of toilets # of washbasins
1-5 1 1
16-30 2 1
31-45 2 2
46-60 3 2
61-75 3 3
76-90 4 3
91-100 4 4

The Armadillo XL+2

Suitable for up to 8 people, the Armadillo XL+2 is a self-contained, secure unit that is perfect for any site, no matter how remote. Solar power is available to run lighting and appliances inside the unit, whilst a generator is on hand to provide extra power when required. As the unit has separate male/female toilets, it means the unit can be used for sites with mixed operatives and keeps you compliant with CDM regulations.

Like the rest of the Armadillo range, this unit is towable, which makes it easy to reposition when and where you like. Powered by solar energy, the Armadillo XL+2 helps to reduce your fuel usage and CO2 emissions. If additional power is needed, an HVO-compatible, backup generator is on hand to keep you going.

What’s inside?

There are two layout configurations to choose from; one with a canteen and an office, the other is with a larger canteen. Both configurations include:

  • Separate male/female toilet
  • Large washbasin in both W/C
  • Canteen
  • Hot water in both W/C and canteen
  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Air blown heating system

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Our Waste, Water, and Fuel Servicing takes the hassle out of maintaining your hire products. Tailored to your requirements, the service can be scheduled for a time that suits your site. Whether that be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly is up to you.

Our in-house team provide the 5-star Garic service directly to your site so that you have one less thing to worry about when hiring. Fuel, water, toilet paper, and soap can all be replenished, whilst waste is removed from your products. Regular visits can be scheduled or booked as and when required; you’re always in control.

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Garic’s intelligent online site planning tool helps you deliver successful projects by quickly and reliably planning all of the equipment your site will need, from welfare units and wheel washers, to power generators and lighting. We’ll even advise on maintenance and specify fuel saving and eco-friendly options to help you hit your sustainability targets.