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Fuel Friday – One week until the fuel reform

With only seven days until the official fuel reform date, we round up our Fuel Friday series in one handy article.

1) Starting with the basics

This article looks at the Who, What, When, Where, and how around the fuel reform, and is a good starting point. The questions covered are:

⚫Who is affected?
⚫What is changing?
⚫When is it happening?
⚫Where is it happening?
⚫How can Garic help?



2) A green alternative

Our second article looked at HVO; the ‘green alternative’ that is said to be better for the environment. In the article covered:

⚫What is HVO?
⚫Can HVO be mixed?
⚫The environmental impact
⚫Our current fleet


3) Preparation is key

The third instalment of Fuel Friday provided five top tips on how to prepare for the fuel reform:

⚫Log it
⚫Do the maths
⚫Keep the log going
⚫Start reducing
⚫Bring the deadline forward


4) Switch to a more sustainable product

This article looked at ways of reducing fuel usage on site by using a more sustainable product. Therefore, reducing emissions and saving on fuel bills.


5) Have you thought about our fuel service

Have you thought about out fuel service reviewed the advantages of our in-house fuel service and how it can help your site reduce fuel wastage, theft, and costs. 



6) What you need to know, and how we can help

Our final article in the series featured a FREE, downable guide to help you with your own switch over.


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