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Like every business dealing with changing environmental and emissions targets, Colas Rail faces a challenge when it comes to sustainability. They need to introduce new sustainable measures to their sites that embrace renewable energy, reduce their transport fuel costs, and lower their overall carbon footprint.

The Midlands Metro Alliance (MMA) project would act as a flagship for Colas Rail’s new greener approach. But to hit their sustainability targets, they’d need expert assistance. They turned to Garic.


One of the easiest ways to drive down emissions on a site is to find sustainable ways to power welfare units and other on-site equipment, ideally sourced from a local provider to reduce transport costs and emissions. With our nationwide network, Garic was perfectly placed to supply renewable welfare and power generation units.

For this project, we recommended an innovative new welfare unit – the Armadillo XL+2 Halo unit. These road-towable self-contained units include toilets, canteens, and office facilities, along with a 350-degree tower light. Powered by a battery system fuelled by solar panels and a backup stage 5 generator, this would drive down Colas Rail’s emissions while still providing comfort and security.


Battling the harsh weather conditions, Garic was able to deliver the welfare units from a local depot. With only one delivery required, transportation emissions were halved immediately compared to delivering welfare units and tower lights separately. In the first few weeks of operation, the Armadillo XL+2 Halo unit delivered an 83% reduction in CO2 emissions.

“MMA were impressed with the hybrid Armadillo units and the telemetry functions to calculate fuel and CO2 savings. Due to this being our flagship site, CO2 reductions were a crucial KPI with our client, and Garic supported us in hitting our sustainability targets and paving the way for a new world of solar welfare.”
Rachael French - Plant Co-ordinator, Colas Rail
Project Details
Colas Rail
Jan 2022
Key Results/Findings
Switch to solar and battery energy
83% reduction in CO2 emissions
4671kgs saving of Co2 emiisisons
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