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Offshore projects are especially demanding. When Siemens Energy needed to connect three Offshore Transformer Modules to their Moray East Offshore Wind farm project, they had to work to the highest standards in one of the UK’s most challenging climates. And with clean energy for up to one million Scottish households at stake, they needed to deliver on this project while keeping sustainability at the heart of everything.


In order to keep Siemens Energy’s people safe, warm and comfortable without undermining the company’s green credentials, Garic recommended and supplied one of our latest sustainable welfare innovations.


The Combi Cabin Eco 1.5 is Garic’s first circular economy product, and is designed to reduce a project’s carbon footprint while standing up to the toughest of conditions. Providing its own solar power to run drying/changing rooms, WC and welfare facilities for up to ten people, this fully CDM compliant unit is entirely self-contained and perfect for remote operations.


Over the three months of the project, Siemens Energy saw a massive 76% reduction in generator run hours, thanks to the integrated solar power system of the Combi-Cabin Eco 1.5. The unit’s hybrid generator ran for just 392.12 hours, compared to the 1656 hours a conventional generator would require – saving over £3,500 in fuel costs. Even better, choosing Garic reduced Siemens Energy’s CO2 emissions by a huge 4671 kg.

Project Details
Siemens Energy
North of Aberdeen, Scotland
26th Jan - 4th Apr 2022
Key Results/Findings
76% reduction in generator run hours
Fuel savings of £3.5k
4671 kg reduction in CO2 emissions
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