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Ethical Power’s utilities project in Gloucestershire requires a six cabin site setup. Running six cabins around the clock meant they were running a 60kva generator for 24 hours a day. That’s not good for the environment, and it’s certainly not good for their bottom line. They needed a power generation solution that didn’t require diesel to be burned all day long. We had the perfect recommendation.


Microgrid is our renewable energy system, and for 12 weeks, Ethical Power would test it on one of their sites. Comprising three solar power frames which would soak up energy all day, an efficient battery storage system, and a backup generator that kicks in when the battery is 80% drained or power usage spikes, Microgrid would support Ethical Power’s decarbonisation efforts.


Switching to Garic Microgrid delivered instant results. Instead of a generator needing to run 24 hours a day, the solar power frames would generate most of the energy the site required. Ethical Power went from running a diesel generator for 24 hours a day to running our hybrid generator for just 2.1 hours per day.


Over the 12-week test period, that generator ran for just 175 hours in total, with 38 days on which no diesel fuel was used at all. That all added up to significant savings. A 90% reduction in fuel use and emissions solved Ethical Power’s sustainability problems, while a 32% financial saving delivered significant cost improvements too.

Project Details
Ethical Power
12 Weeks
Key Results/Findings
Financial savings of 32%
Emissions savings of 90%
38 generator free days
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