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5 Benefits of using towable water bowsers on site

5 Benefits of using towable water bowsers on site

In construction and various industries, managing resources efficiently is crucial. Water is especially important due to its many uses. From sanitation to equipment requirements, on-site work often demands the need for a water supply, this is where towable water bowsers come in. 

Although they are not the most important piece of equipment, towable water bowsers play an essential role in mobile construction sites. Whether it’s battling the dust, keeping the area clean, or mixing up a concrete slurry, water keeps the gears of construction turning.

Join us as we explore 5 key benefits of having a towable water bowser within your site:Ensuring Compliance

1. Ensuring Compliance

Current health and safety legislation requires that all work sites provide site water and washing facilities. In response to this, we have developed a range of water storage solutions, built to exacting ISO standards using heavy-duty polyethene, making sure that your site is fully compliant. 

With a broad selection of water solutions available, from static to mobile, you can rest assured that you will find a solution that perfectly matches your needs and ensures compliance. 

With a prominent focus on sustainable, solar power, this new group of products provides an additional solution to reducing emissions and costs on site. From space-saving solar power, to a versatile unit, these new four products have been developed with our customers’ site needs in mind.

2. Water Supply On-Demand

Towable water bowsers provide a readily accessible and reliable source of water wherever it is needed. Having a water bowser on site ensures that operations can continue smoothly without interruption due to water shortages. 
Construction sites particularly benefit from on-demand water for things such as concrete mixing and dust control. Railway works and highway maintenance sites also benefit from having a dedicated water supply that is easy to transport and deploy for tasks such as track cleaning and tackling fire outbreaks.

3. Flexibility and Mobility

The portability of our towable water bowsers allows them to be easily transported to different locations. We know many working sites often involve movement due to the development of work, requiring flexibility and mobility of the water supply. Bowsers can be moved to accommodate various needs such as:

  • Refilling equipment as required
  • Hydrating specific areas
  • Providing water for sanitation purposes
  • Cleaning down areas after work has been completed

Our broad selection of mobile water bowsers is easily manoeuvrable on public highways and on-site. Perfect for sites without mains water facilities, they can also complement the use of a static water tank by providing easy access to water when required.

4. Water Conservation

Water is valuable, and saving it matters. Water bowsers help conserve water by giving better control over its distribution. They allow you to measure and manage how much water you use, cutting down waste and encouraging responsible water use.

Why is water conservation important? 

  • Conserving water plays a vital role in protecting our ecosystems, and maintaining wetland habitats that provide a home for a wide range of animals.
  • Using water wisely on-site is not only about the environment but also saves money for people, businesses, and communities.

With sustainability in mind, our Solar IBC water tank is perfect for those who are looking for an eco-friendly system. An ideal solution for remote sites, this water tank system operates without a generator. It is entirely run by a 325w solar panel and has a high-pressure water pump.

5. Cost-saving and efficient

As touched on above, investing in water bowsers can lead to long-term cost savings. Our static water tanks offer a cost-effective alternative to installing underground water pipes. 

With our static water bowser offerings, you can store water for general site use, and they work well with our accommodation units. 

Instead of relying on external water suppliers, our on-site water storage solutions eliminate the need for frequent water deliveries, transportation costs, and potential delays. This not only reduces operational expenses but also enhances project timelines and overall efficiency.

Why should you have a towable water bowser on-site?

In this dynamic age of innovation, towable water bowsers are rewriting the rulebook, offering a range of benefits that can redefine how construction projects are executed on the go.

From providing a consistent water supply to promoting mobility and flexibility, both mobile and static water tanks can significantly improve water management, site mobility, and overall project efficiency.

Looking for towable water bowsers to hire?

We have got you covered! Our broad selection of water storage solutions ensures you can efficiently and conveniently store water on-site. Whether you need static or mobile water tanks, we have the ideal solution to fulfil the specific needs of your site.

For stationary applications such as welfare units and washing stations, our static water tanks serve as an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you require a versatile water source while on the move, our towable water bowsers and jetter bowsers offer the perfect solution. 

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